Manjula Mair Gupta

Manjula is the Founder/President of the Chai with Manjula organization.
She is also the producer, director, and host of the TV show
Chai with Manjula...a show about giving.

More about Manjula

Manjula earned a Master’s degree in English Literature at Punjab University in India. She was awarded the Most Meritorious
Student and the Best All-Around Student awards in school, and college for excelling in academics, (as one of the top students in
the States of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal), music, drama, and dance (Kathak), and for winning state-level contests in speech,
classical music, and poetry. She was elected Student Body President  in school, and college. She also became the only female
elected to the Executive Committee of the Dept. of English at Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Cultural Background
In addition to academics, Manjula’s upbringing was culturally enriched by music, art, and literature. Music, in particular, has been
prominent in her life, starting at the age of three with lessons from her mother, Dr. Kamala Mair, (Ph.D., Literature -- a scholar, poet,
accomplished musician, and social activist), and continuing through college, leading to a degree in both Classical Vocal and Sitar,
in addition to the ancient language of Sanskrit. Manjula regularly gave classical music concerts and taught music in the U.S. for a
few years

Community Service
Community service is also deeply rooted in Manjula’s upbringing, with her grandmother as an active member of All India Women’s
Conference, Lucknow, and her mother, Dr. Mair, as Founder/President of All India Women’s Conference, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana.
As the Principal of D.A.V. Girls' College there, Dr. Mair dedicated her life to the cause of higher education for girls, giving her time,
talents, and funds to the college.  In the later years of her life, she headed a ladies’
Samaj in Gurgaon, where she was a regular
exponent of the Vedas, and where she also started a free sewing school for under-privileged girls, which continues to run in her

Manjula’s father Dr. Om Prakash, a strong proponent of cultural enrichment, also exemplified a life of giving as a physician taking
care of the poor, and helping many as a family member.

Manjula's brothers Dr. Vijay Diwakar and Vijay Prabhakar are also actively engaged in serving the local communities in India. Dr.
Diwakar received Mother Teresa's blessings for serving the underprivileged in the Gurgaon area.

Over the years, Manjula has organized community events and led several initiatives. As a volunteer/Program Director at the
American India Foundation, founded under the leadership of President Bill Clinton, she helped launch the Service Corps Program,
and joined a delegation to India led by President Clinton. As the Chair of Special Events at ICC (Milpitas, CA) for three years, she
founded and ran a highly successful singing club as the Chair, bringing the community together on a weekly basis, often featuring
well-known artists and celebrities appearing as guest performers.

Manjula was the Founder/CEO of Saicom, Inc., a successful software services company in Fremont, CA, serving many well-known
high-tech companies in Silicon Valley from 1991 to 2001, which she sold to pursue her passion for community service.

Current Activities           
Manjula serves on the Advisory Boards of the Northern California Chapter of  Ekal Vidyalaya, a well-known NGO running one-
teacher schools in remote and tribal villages across India, and  Induz, a Bay Area organization that supports art programs for the
underprivileged children in India, and in the U.S. She is also an Art Commissioner for the city of Milpitas, CA.

As the Founder/President of the
Chai with Manjula organization, Manjula is working passionately towards developing initiatives to
promote giving/philanthropy. The weekly TV show currently airs on Public Access Television in the Bay Area. This is a mere
(offering), in the
yajna (journey, in this context) of life, in the spirit of *Idam na mama.

*“Idam na mamaa Vedic verse (in Sanskrit)
Translation: Whatever I am offering is not mine. None of this wealth, this power, education and belongings are mine…all are from
the grace of
Ishwar (God).

“If you find it in your heart to care for someone else, you will have succeeded.”
                                      - Maya Angelou
Chai with Manjula
...a show about giving
      since 2007