Guest: Anita Reddy                                          Show #26
-a social activist based in Bangalore, India             June 2010

As one of the founding members and the Managing Trustee of
AVAS (Association for Voluntary Action and Services), and the
(Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust, established by her
father Mr. Dwaraknath Reddy), Anita Reddy  has been working for
the last 32 years in the slums and villages of Karnataka and Andhra
Pradesh to establish a more just, equitable and humane society.

Anita represented the voices of people on policy making at state
and national level Task Forces, and also represented the NGO
sector at the United Nations Human Settlements Conference in
Isthanbul, Turkey, called Habitat 2 Affordable Housing for All
established by the Govt. of  India.

Anita firmly believes that she just carries to the larger form the
voices of the people and would like to be known simply as “ a
people’s person” just one among so many.
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